We’ve done the work for you and gathered all the important Bonus Information in one place, so really the only thing you should keep in mind is to visit Casino Casino on a regular basis to check for all the latest casino bonuses, we’re all on the map of course.

The growing casino business and the fierce competition between online casinos is a really good thing for the player. The competition means that casinos offer even better welcome offers and other benefits to get people to play right at their casino. Free casino bonuses are an example of the most attractive offers where casinos compete for player popularity. On the other hand, this increased competition may well have a nasty effect that makes it difficult for the average player to find the best casino bonuses among all the promotions when new ones are constantly being offered on feed.

The idea of ​​a casino shark is to help players create all these thousands of offers, and we’ve done that by getting to know a really large number of individual online casinos and figuring out what bonuses they offer their players. So you’ll find all the information you need in one place, and you can simply pick up bonus bites from the casino bun by looking at our casino reviews, where even complex offers are wrapped around people’s language.


Casino bonuses are really divided into many different bonus types.


  • Welcome bonuses
  • Sign up for bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses
  • So-called loyalty bonuses (various loyalty programs)
  • As well as bonuses that can be grabbed while playing various games, for example during bonus games.
  • Welcome bonuses are bonuses that are offered to a new player when they register at the casino for the first bingo bonuses. These bonuses can only be used once.

The most common form of welcome bonuses is for the casino to tell your deposit account. So when you deposit a certain amount of money, you get a certain percentage of the play money offered by the casino.

Online casinos can also offer free spins for new players and first depositors. Some online casinos offer players a number of different options from which they can choose to their liking.

At Casino Shares, we’ve also found that accountless casinos aren’t the most eager providers of welcome bonuses. So if you’re looking for welcome bonuses, you might want to head to casinos that require registration.


Sign-up bonuses are casino bonuses that do not require you to transfer money to your gaming account. All you have to do is create a game account for yourself, and sign-up bonuses will compete for it right away.

Generally, such bonuses are offered in the form of either free play money or free spins. Such free non-deposit casino bonuses are very popular among players. At the same time, however, these free casino bonuses are also relatively rare compared to other bonus offers.

However, you should not lose hope for sign-up bonuses. Here at Casino Casino you will find the lists we have created for which we have collected such bonuses.

You can always check if the online casino offers this type of casino bonus from our casino reviews. We always add this information from the bonus structure section at the top of the review to make sure you don’t lose it, as well as our casino announcements.


Loyalty bonuses or loyalty programs are like loyalty offers through which old players are sought to be retained.

In many cases, such bonuses are aggregated in the form of some sort of program and require, for example, that you play at a casino for a certain amount.

In many cases, bonus programs move from one level to another, and the higher you get in the bonus program, the better bonuses you get for yourself.

Loyalty bonuses are a great way to get the most out of your favorite casino, you don’t always have to run welcome bonuses, you can resort to the familiar and safe.

Loyalty programs may also include certain types of benefits, including remittances. For example, casino players may be offered free deposits and withdrawals with certain payment methods.


The extras you get from the games are bonuses that you usually get through several bonuses that appear in slot games. These casino bonuses are often found in the form of free spins.

Free spins can often be redeemed with welcome bonuses, loyalty programs or current promotions. This free benefit is a great way to test new places and even discover new favorite games.

It is a pity that often free spins winnings cannot be returned home. They often involve recycling requirements that must be met before you can dig the masses into your own account. Some online casinos also only allow spins on certain slot games, which means exactly the game you can’t throw.

However, tours are a popular way to attract casino players to visit, and this is exactly what Casino Hall is for us. More is better!


Casino bonuses without investing your own money are certainly the most interesting bonuses. Free no-deposit casino bonuses are an advantage that even experienced casino players hunt for.

Getting these bonuses when you don’t have to invest your own money at all. These so-called Non-deposit bonuses are an easy way to get in touch with the casino world.

When you play with them, you play for free, and you don’t have to think about your own deposits or how much money you’re willing to invest in casino games.

Who wouldn’t want to play the best games at online casinos and still play real winnings and jackpots at the same time, unlike playing for play money? This is possible without deposit bonuses.

DEPOSIT EQUIVALENT BONUS (100%, 200%, 300% and 400%)
The best deposit bonuses don’t just consist of large percentages or large amounts of bonus money. There are several things to consider when comparing bonuses.

First think about how much money you want to deposit, if you are willing to make a larger deposit, you need to pay attention to casino bonuses where the bonus cash ceiling is high. Some casinos set a limit of € 100, others € 2,500. Think about what size casino bonus will serve you better.

100% deposit bonuses are very familiar on Casino Sharks and up to 200% bonuses are pretty familiar oats. High bonus percentages are very attractive, but if you promise both a 300% bonus and a € 1,000 bonus limit at the same time, you can be almost certain that a dog is buried somewhere (on terms, of course).

However, this does not mean that 300 and 400% also exist with reasonable requirements.

In many cases, these are smaller amounts, such as depositing € 10 to get € 50 to play in your game account. Such a bonus with reasonable redemption requirements is definitely a great deal for a player who wants to get the most out of their small deposit.

So if you just want to make a small deposit, you definitely need to keep an eye out for big casino bonuses. As long as you remember to keep an eye on the bonus terms, 300% and 400% casino bonuses can be a very good bonus choice.

The biggest casino bonuses aren’t always the best, but it only becomes clear when you read the terms and conditions correctly.


Some online casinos place their bonuses behind bonus codes. This means that in order to redeem the bonus, you must enter a predefined bonus code in the correct place on the casino pages.

This usually happens with a deposit or registration. It is also normal for codes to be offered to old players as a reward or temptation. Bonus codes allow you to get a normal casino bonus, be it a welcome bonus, a deposit bonus, free spins or even free play money.

With the codes, be careful that you write them correctly. This will ensure that you get a bonus and you will not miss any offers!

In casino games, we always try to spot interesting bonus codes and we have dedicated an entire page to them. After all, we don’t want visitors to our website to lose huge bonus codes.


It seems that many casinos are very reluctant to offer any kind of bonuses to new players. But have you ever visited an online casino promotion or promotion page.

Very often there are any daily or weekly bonuses that fall specifically into this Reload bonus category.

The Reload bonus is thus basically a deposit bonus, but for existing players. This casino bonus is exclusively for old players, so new players will be left licking their keys with this. And why not! After all, online casinos have to bet on all their players in the same way, and this bonus is the perfect way for a casino to show their appreciation for their players.

We at the casino know that bonuses are a pretty nice addition and definitely an attractive factor when trying to choose the right casino.


Free play money without a deposit is one of the best and unfortunately perhaps also the rarest casino bonuses. Who doesn’t want to roll in casinos and try different games without having to put their own coins to get dirty at all. The casino shark likes at least this style.

Unfortunately, this casino bonus is no longer as common as it used to be. Different promotion styles have conquered online casinos and free play money has had to move aside.

However, they are not completely extinct, and a small number of casinos still offer their players this delicacy.

You will always find the offers offered by the casino in our casino reviews and we will store information there if free play money without a deposit is part of the welcome bonus. So you need to keep an eye on the reviews and look at the casino listing from time to time