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One game that has always been very popular as a board game is Bingo. That is why online gaming companies have long been established to offer this exciting game. A lot of different variations of new and old have also been created for this classic game. Something that is also created in the same crank are bingo bonuses. Nowadays, like in online poker and online casino, you can get a bonus for playing the game online.

Here you want to have the best online bonus and then you need to know how this works. That’s why it’s great that you’ve come here to us because we’re the best at casino bonuses and finding them. We at collect all the information about the best and hottest bonuses so you don’t have to search the web for days. If you are lucky enough to win, it is important that you follow the circumstances just as usual. Read them carefully and make sure you know what applies, or ask customer service.

This is how your Bingo bonus works

Currently, there are many clean gaming sites that offer great bingo games, it is still a popular game every year. As long as the game exists, there are also a lot of bonuses for this popular game. Some offer you free bingo to play, while there are those that give so-called. As a deposit bonus for Bingo Bonus. The free bonus bonus generally has a higher wagering requirement than the deposit bonus.

The first thing you need to do is register as a player at a gaming company that offers a bonus Bonuses for playing these numbered tiles. This is very fast and in the next section you will find several different good choices.

A gaming company that offers a wide range of bingo games

Below you will find various gaming companies that offer good bingo deals. These gaming companies also offer online casinos to their players. This way, as a player, you can also win bonuses, which means you get as much as possible as a player.

Unibet: With a large and strong Unibet, you can always be at the forefront when you play all the games online. Now they don’t offer a separate bonus for bingo, but here you are offered 100 free spins at the casino in selected games. Here is a fully loaded bingo section that offers you a brand new and fast HexaBingo – a kind of mix of poker and bingo.
Betsson: The large gaming company Betsson, with more than 15 million players, also offers high quality online bingo. There is no separate bonus here either, but you can get a welcome bonus of up to SEK 100 which you can use at the casino or live casino.

Maria Casino: Maria Bingo is something that has evolved from focusing exclusively on this game. Today, it bears the name Maria Casino, but still offers one of Sweden’s best bingo online. Here, as a new player, you get a 50% casino bonus of up to SEK 50 (no wagering requirements), including 3 free buy-ins to Hexapro Poker. When you want a better chance of winning, you bet on their mini bingo.

A small background story

This game is based on an Italian lottery called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. It spread to France and was then called Lotto. The original game is nearly 500 years old, circa 1530. The game seems to have reached England and elsewhere in Europe sometime in the 18th century. The first modern version began to appear in England at carnivals and markets in the 20th century, which probably took the name Bingo from the slang of that time. Just like you can use this exclamation point now too, if you succeed at something or maybe you’re looking for exactly what you’re looking for.

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The terms of use apply to The offer is valid for new players from September 1, 2020. 100 kronor deposit. Cash rounds are valid for 60 days. Cash rounds are not turnover, ev. profits are real money. Read all terms of use here.

Different variants of bingo games

There are several bingo games and they can be divided into the following main groups:

  • 75 ball bingo
  • 80-ball bingo
  • 90-ball bingo

The most common variation of bingo is 90-ball bingo, which has its roots in the UK. The bingo card consists of three rows and nine columns. Each box has fifteen numbers and five on each line. The first column consists of numbers 1-9 and the second of columns 10-19 and so on up to 90.

75 ball bingo is a little more unusual with us. This is mainly different from 90-ball bingo as follows. The bingo card has five horizontal lines and five columns. Each column contains a letter from the word BINGO. The first column B may contain the numbers 1-15. You can have numbers 16-30 and so on. The box in the middle of the game board is free and has no numbers.

80-ball bingo is often considered between 75 and 90-ball. Here, the bingo card consists of four horizontal lines and four columns. Each column has poker hands of a different color and si